The Charlatan

The first page on the menu of this Commercial Drive bar/restaurant, The Charlatan, ( 1447 Commercial Dr, Vancouver) is dedicated to herbivores. On it there is a long list of vegan and vegetarian options, most of which can be modified to be vegan. Today I tried the mushroom tacos without the crema (cream) and they were delicious. The tacos were full of grilled mushrooms topped with pickled onion and salsa. They were simple tacos but full of flavor. They were quite large in size and made for a very satisfying yet light meal. Most tacos come with two corn tortillas, as did these. I like to separate the tortillas and divide the filling in half (half for each tortilla) so that instead of having two giant tacos I get 4 smaller, that way they are easier to eat, the deliciousness lasts longer (since now you have 4 tacos instead of two) but you are eating the same amount of food, these were ideal for that.  I’m looking forward to trying the other vegan options on the their menu.

FullSizeRender (2)

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