The Butcher and Bullock

I went to school for my masters degree a block away from The Butcher and Bullock(911 W Pender St.) but in those two years I never thought of giving it a chance. The name gave me the impression that it was a meat only restaurant and therefore there would be nothing for me in there. Yesterday my friend had his birthday at The Butcher and Bullock, I had my fingers crossed that I would be able to find something vegan I could eat, I was hungry! Although the menu didn’t offer many vegan options, it did offer a veggie burger, so I ordered it (you know my love for veggie burgers) with lettuce instead of bread, half fries and half salad. For the meal to be vegan I asked for no mayo on the burger and no goat cheese on the salad. The burger patty is house made and it was delicious! So was the salad. My friend ate all my fries so I am guessing they were good 😉 Veggie burgers are my favorite “junk” food; when I go to Trader Joe’s I buy four different kinds to stock up my freezer. I love experiencing the variety of recipes people come up with for veggie patties. I have to say, this veggie burger was one of the best I have had. It was full of flavor, had good texture, and was quite filling (even without the bun). If you find yourself at this establishment don’t fret, their one and only vegan option is delicious and you will feel totally satisfied.


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