Avocado Bay

I have yet to meet a vegan that does not worship avocados. When I found out that there was an entire restaurant in Vancouver dedicated to avocados, I had to check it out. I figured, you can not have an avocado focused restaurant without amazing vegan options, and I was right. The Avocado Bay (1184 Denman St.) is in the West End of Vancouver. It is located across the street from English bay and therefore offers seating that overlooks the beach; you can not go wrong eating an avocado meal with ocean front view. The menu was full of vegan option but I decided to try to Veggie AvoBurger, which is composed of seasonal veggies, arugula, salsa verde, mango, and coconut salsa, in between (not a bun) but two halves of an avocado. I accompanied this “burger” with the Bay Salad and it was the perfect vegan meal. The meal was light, filling, satisfying, and veggie filled. I would definitely go again…for the food, for the view, and my love and support of anything “avocado”. Avocado (1)

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