Cactus Club

Yes friends, you read that right… Cactus Club (1790 Beach Ave.) has finally decided to accommodate our vegan needs with it’s recent release of “The Modern Bowl”. Before I went vegan I used to love the food at Cactus Club (yes I know, some of you will judge me for this), but after going vegan the only thing I could eat there was the fries as it did not have a single vegan dish, even the veggie burger had cheese in the patty.
A few days ago a friend of mine gave me the good news that Cactus Club had a new vegan item on their menu, so I made my way to the nearest location to try it.
It was DELICIOUS. I can’t even explain why, but the combination of all the items in the dish was amazing ( tabbouleh, pineapple salsa, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh greens, jasmine rice, miso carrot ginger sauce). I decided to add the grilled avocado to my bowl and it was perfect. I absolutely recommend this dish to anyone, specially my fellow vegans.

P.s. I also wanted to send a shout out to my amazing fellow vegan server that added immensely to the experience. It is always a wonderful feeling to meet and connect with a kindred spirit, a fellow light warrior and animal activist… even if just for a brief moment… even if just as a reminder that there are many of us out there working together to create a better, more compassionate world.


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