Welcome to my vegan blog. The purpose of this blog is to show you how easy it is to #vegananywhere in Vancouver. Many people are afraid to become vegan or make more conscious food choices because they have the perception that life, eating out, and enjoying meals will become more difficult. I am here to show you that no matter where in this city you choose to eat, there is ALWAYS  a vegan option.
Although the blog’s main focus is breakfast, I believe it is important to share any amazing vegan meal I find around the city. Ever since embracing a vegan lifestyle I have realized that almost anywhere I go there is an amazing vegan food option.  I go out for breakfast and other meals as frequently as I did before becoming vegan, and I have noticed that not only everywhere I eat has a vegan option, but everywhere makes their version of it uniquely. To me this meant that my enjoyment of a good meal is never sacrificed over my choice to live a more compassionate life.
Veganism has offered me a journey of food re-discovery, one that is not only appetizing and expansive but that also keeps me able to commit to a lifestyle that aligns with my love for animals, the planet, and my human community. Veganism also allows me to live in alignment with my core values of the importance of living kindly and consciously.
This blog will be dedicated to sharing with you the amazing vegan breakfast and other meal experiences I have throughout the city of Vancouver, with the hope that it will inspire you to make more compassionate, environmental, and health friendly food choices whenever possible.

A compassionate world begins on your plate.